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Photography - From Passion to Profession

Photography - From Passion to Profession

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The host

Portrait and lifestyle photographer David Wren has travelled all around the world shooting advertising and commercial campaigns on behalf of global corporations, as well as unique personal projects. We are thrilled that he is coming to Ripley Court to share his experience of all things photographic with us.

‘Discovery and adventure is the driving force behind my work. I get inspired by beautiful places & new faces and I always strive to capture the raw energy of the moment as if you were there to witness it yourself. Experiencing such wonders across the world and documenting them with a camera is my passion; sharing these moments with people is the icing on the cake.’

The location

Ripley Court School, Rose Lane, Ripley, GU23 6NE

The course

Ever wondered whether you can turn your love of taking photos into a lucrative side hustle? Have albums full of lovely shot but not sure how to go about marketing them?

With this course David will take you through the process of taking better, commercially viable photos, show you what to do with them next and explain how to go about marketing them in order to turn your snaps into cash.

This course will offer a mix of advice, demonstrations and opportunities for you to try some new techniques for yourself. David will then be on hand to review your work and answer any questions you might have on your progress or portfolio.

This fun, informal session will take around three hours depending on experience levels. Please be sure to bring a camera with you, case study materials and light refreshments will be provided

The disclaimer

Occasionally a course might need to be cancelled or rescheduled. We will send an email to advise you of the cancellation and, if possible provide a new date for the course. We will endeavour to give at least 7 working days notice prior to the course start date.

Should you need to cancel your booking, please provide at least 7 working days prior to the course start date. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in your being charged the full course fee.



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